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Update: 05/20/2010
Okay, so I haven't posted up any updates for a few months, but I've got a few!


Zexion's jacket arrived, making her the only one with the coat. WOO. Excitement!


Zexion and I will be doing a side project called "The Zexy and Axel Show." It will be cracktastic and retarded, and we're working on scripts and filming now.

Other side projects will also include Marluxia and I doing a Gundam Wing web-show (tentatively titled "ADOS: A Boy and His Medication").

More news to come when it's available.

Update: 02/01/10
There haven't been many updates lately, but here's a big one: Hotel is BOOKED for Anime Weekend Atlanta. We are GO for the Waverly. So that's out of the way, and we're now unstressed.

On another note, jackets will be here shortly - Zexion, Axel, Demyx, and Marluxia will have theirs in the next few weeks.

Additionally, we've been working on skits. So that's fun!

Update: 01/04/10
So, it's not so much a Nobody Brigade update as KH: Birth by Sleep fangasm moment.

The game is released in Japan on January 9th, and will be released in the US a bit later - don't know the exact date yet, since I'm pretty sure it hasn't been released yet.

This is exciting, yes, but not the reason for this entry.

The official name of Saix's Somebody has been released, along with pictures of both him and Lea! How cool is that? The name is Isa, and both characters seem to be from Radiant Garden. However, Isa is an Arabic name and Lea wears a keffiyeh around his neck - which is also of Arabic origins. Maybe there's some truth to my theory that they're originally from Agrabah? Hmm... We'll hopefully find out! (and if we don't, then I can continue thinking what I want.)

In the land of the Nobody Brigade, this means a few mild adjustments with names on the individual channels - nothing major, luckily.

Also, we have a few fun little shorts lined up, focusing on Axel and Zexion primarily. These will be posted on the main channel and won't be longer than a minute (if things go correctly, and who knows how that'll be!) At least one will be making fun of my gimpiness right now.

Right then. Update concluded.

Update: 12/27/09
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Mine wasn't bad, but this has nothing to do with me, so let's get on with the actual update.

We will be attending Anime Weekend Atlanta! Woo! Dates for that are Sept 17-19, 2010, and we'll be in casual gear on Friday and our Organization jackets on Saturday.

Sunday, however, our members will be free to do whatever they want. I'll be a golden Chocobo, and Marluxia will be dressed as Cloud. Should be fun! (We'll also be doing Heero and Duo from Gundam Wing, hopefully, for the big Yaoi After Dark blow-out event on Saturday night.)

So mark it down on your calenders, those who can attend! We've finished our early registration, so what're you waiting for?

ALSO, keep an eye on our individual channels, as usual, for new videos. The main channel will get some lovely updates in late January or early February.

Update: 12/19/09 Number 2!
Those videos I promised? Yup, they're up! Go check them out here! Be sure to rate, comment, and subscribe!

Update: 12/19/09
As of some random-ass hour last night, there are TWO new videos posted up on the main Nobody Brigade channel! Holy carp! So, go check them out - Nobody Brigade

There are two more to be posted on my channel sometime today, plus outtakes from the whole adventure. So keep your eyes peeled for that!

Update: 12/18/09
New video posted up on Demyx's channel so go check that out!

There will be an update to the main channel sometime tonight or tomorrow.

Also, I've set up a delicious page with links to most of our haunts on the net, which is at Flamilocks @ Delicious. Be sure to check it regularly, as new links will be added - some of them will be related to the group, others will be my own fun little things. For ONLY Nobody Brigade links, be sure to have it filtered for only the nobodybrigade tag.

Update: 12/11/09
Okay! A nice little update today!

AS OF 12/10/09, THE NOBODY BRIGADE HAS A FACEBOOK FANPAGE! Woohoo! It's located right here so you should become a fan to keep up with us there!

Also, we'll be working on some vids over the next few weeks on our individual channels. I'll post up an announcement when the first is posted!

Update: 12/06/09
Short update for today!

We've done a line-up of what we're gonna be doing in our videos. Yep. And some planning on what we've got planned for AWA. It'll be epic, promise.

And the best part: COATS WILL BE HERE BY CHRISTMAS. Or so I've been told. Know what this means? We'll be in business in January, if all goes well.
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Update: 11/30/09
We now have gloves! Woo. I know, not important at all, but it made me excited so I had to share. Shoes should be next, and we all should be getting our jackets sometime in the next few months. There was a bit of a delay, but they've explained the situation to us and they're doing what they can to get them to us soon.

That's all for today.
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